Huawei P40 Lite 5G review

Huawei P40 Light 5G survey
Huawei makes 5G network reasonable, and you get a 64MP camera as well. Could you ask for anything better about the Huawei P40 Light 5G?


  • Good value for a 5G phone
  • Decent image quality from main camera
  • Premium feel


  • Disappointing ultrawide camera
  • Expensive next to equivalent 4G phones
  • Issues with Google Services

Just a brief time back, 5G-competent telephones were only lead handsets with considerable sticker prices. Presently we’re seeing 5G telephones in the midrange and in any event, verging on spending plan telephone an area, and the Huawei P40 Light 5G is simply such a gadget. Somewhat confusingly for customers, the P40 Light 5G sits over the normal (non-5G) P40 Light, yet underneath the standard P40 (which is additionally a 5G telephone).

₱25,880.49/ 22,676.06 Philippine peso, the P40 Light 5G is positively great incentive for a 5G-able telephone, and it’s little the greater part the cost of a P40. Might this be the best 5G telephone at any point deal of the year?

Design and features

he P40 Light and P40 Light 5G are entirely various gadgets with generally various details, however they appear to be comparative from the front. The two telephones gloat quad back confronting cameras, however while the typical P40 Light’s essential camera is a 48MP 1/2.0 sensor with a 26mm f/1.8 focal point, the P40 Light 5G raises the stakes with a bigger 64MP 1/1.7″ sensor, additionally fronted by a 26mm f/1.8 focal point. The other three back confronting cameras incorporate a 8MP, 17mm-comparable ultrawide camera, a 2MP large scale camera and a 2MP profundity detecting camera to work on the exactness of recreated foundation bokeh obscure in your picture shots.

At 162.3 x 75 x 8.6 mm, the P40 Light 5G is roughly a similar size as the P40 Light, however it’s discernibly bigger than the more upmarket P40. This accounts for a huge 6.5-inch IPS LCD show with a 1080 x 2400 goal, likening to a good 405ppi pixel thickness. The showcase is additionally HDR10 guaranteed for worked on powerful reach.
The P40 Light 5G is controlled by a genuinely enormous 4000mAh battery, however this is as yet a slight decrease on the 4200mAh limit of the P40 Light’s battery. The two telephones get 40W quick charging as standard, which Huawei cases can get you to 70% limit in only 30 minutes.

Just a single stockpiling/Slam design is accessible: 128GB, with 6GB Smash. The capacity can be extended graciousness of Huawei’s exclusive Nano Memory card space. Nano Memory cards are a similar size as a Nano SIM card and capacity indistinguishably from MicroSD, yet are 45% more modest in actual size.

Huawei P40
(Image credit: Huawei)


With its 64MP essential camera, the P40 Light 5G really sports the most elevated goal camera sensor of any telephone in the P40 territory, including the leader P40 Star In addition to. That at first seems like rather a senseless own objective on Huawei’s part, yet there’s something else to picture quality besides inside and out megapixels. First off, as a matter of course the camera joins gatherings of four neighboring pixels into one major pixel to further develop picture quality in a cycle called pixel binning. This diminishes picture size to a quarter that of a 64MP picture, so the photographs you catch are really 16MP shots. That is actually no awful thing however, and it’s something all high goal camera telephones do as standard.

Huawei P40 Light 5G survey

We shot the P40 Light 5G straightforwardly close by it’s leader kin, the P40 Genius Besides, to see whether the spending plan handset might come near the heavenly picture quality presented by the Ace In addition to. What’s more, the uplifting news is, it can, giving you’re not excessively particular. Pictures from the P40 Light 5G’s essential camera are very much uncovered, precisely engaged, and look incredible when seen on the actual telephone.

However, dig somewhat more profound by survey on a huge screen PC screen and blemishes can be found. There’s observably more chromatic deviation (purple bordering) apparent around areas of high differentiation, for example, tree leaves before a brilliant sky. Additionally, the P40 Light 5G’s picture handling is more brutal than it is on the Master Furthermore, with pictures looking a piece over-honed under detailed examination. A few inclining lines take on a ventured appearance, and the enthusiastic honing likewise builds how much undesirable grain commotion apparent in shadow regions. Differentiation can likewise look all in all too solid in places. In any case, these are still genuinely minor reactions, as all in all, picture quality is magnificent thinking about the P40 Light 5G’s available cost. Low light shots are additionally decently near the nature of those from the P40 Expert Also, however you will require a consistent hand, as there’s no optical picture adjustment with the P40 Light 5G. This can have a major effect on how simple you can have a sharp chance in low light.

What’s not so amazing is the picture quality from the ultrawide camera, which is disheartening, best case scenario, and absolutely terrible to say the least. Truly, the 8MP sensor is a major drop from the 16MP pixel-binned pictures created by the essential camera, yet in any event, representing this, ultrawide shots are exceptionally delicate with priceless minimal fine detail. These pictures truly should be seen at no bigger than half picture size to show up sharp, and afterward you’re left with a tiny photograph without a doubt. However, this analysis surely isn’t special to the P40 Light 5G. In the financial plan and lower-mid-range camera telephone area, packing in as many back confronting cameras appears to be undeniably more vital to telephone producers than really making this multitude of cameras helpful, or even any benefit. The purchaser winds up with an amazing sounding ‘quad camera’ gadget, yet three of the four cameras are there generally as a promoting contrivance. Upper-mid-reach and lead telephones truly do have significantly more uniformly matched multi-camera exhibits, yet you’ll truly pay for this degree of value control.

Similarly as with all new Huawei telephones, the P40 Light 5G has been banned from getting to the Google Play store, and Google Administrations applications like YouTube, Google Guides and Chrome. That generally seems like a quick issue, however Huawei is giving its very best for work around this issue.

First of all, there’s Huawei’s own AppGallery application store where you can find numerous well known Android applications. There are still a few remarkable exemptions, like Facebook and the applications it claims like Instagram and WhatsApp. Yet, once more, there are workarounds, as both Facebook and Instagram applications can be downloaded direct from their individual sites.

Also, Huawei’s not halting there. Huawei’s Petal Web index is a web crawler entrance that look other application stores (indeed, there are bunches of others other than the Play store) where you can download applications like Google Guides and Chrome from less popular stores. Petal Search consequently sources the application and introduces it – there’s compelling reason need to really explore to the outsider application stores you’re downloading from.

Obviously this isn’t so smooth or simple as utilizing a telephone that hasn’t been banned from Google Administrations, and you might discover some Google applications don’t exactly work faultlessly on new Huawei handsets, yet these workarounds do essentially mean you should’t preclude the P40 Light 5G absolutely as a result of the Google versus Huawei fight.


In a universe of even-expanding camera telephone costs, we love a gadget that offers most extreme bang for not much of bucks, and, surprisingly, however the P40 Light 5G is anything but a modest telephone, it gives incredible incentive for cash. You can get reliably alluring pictures from its principle camera, and the actual gadget feels significantly more like its more upmarket P40-series kin than a cut-cost gadget.

We certainly don’t advocate purchasing the P40 Light 5G absolutely on the premise that its a quad-camera telephone, nonetheless. The main back confronting camera worth utilizing is the essential, 64MP wide-point camera. The other three cameras are there for the most part to make up the numbers.

Then, at that point, there’s the issue of cost. Without a doubt, the P40 Light 5G is great incentive for a 5G-able telephone, however you’ve truly got to need 5G availability (or even have the option to get to it where you reside/work) for the expense to be worth the effort. In the event that you can manage without 5G, telephones like the Realme 6 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Professional deal practically identical cameras, presentations and by and large execution to the P40 Light 5G, yet for close to around 50% of the cost.

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