The 3 hero to counter Edith in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

3 hero to counter Edith is the latest hero released in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. She made her debut right after the M3 World Championship, and possesses a unique skill set.

As the first tank-marksman dual hero in the Land of Dawn, Edith is a pain to deal with in the laning phase and team fights.

Here are three viable heroes you can use in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to counter Edith on the enemy team during the pick and ban phase.

3 hero to counter Edith

3. Wanwan

3 hero to counter Edith

Credit: Moonton

First on the list is an annoying marksman we all dislike laning against, Wanwan. What makes this marksman hero perfect against Edith is that she can cancel the Forsaken Warden’s initiation skills with Needles in Flowers.

An experienced Wanwan can also bait her into using her ultimate prematurely. Once that happens, Wanwan can immediately activate Crossbow of Tang to deal massive damage to the the Forsaken Warden’s marksman form.

2. Benedetta

3 hero to counter Edith
Credit: Moonton

Having a unique basic attack animation, and a skill that can cancel any crowd control in her skill set, Benedetta plays out the matchup similar to Wanwan. She is a solid counter if you require a bruiser on your team instead of another marksman.

Benedetta can dodge almost any skill Edith throws at her. Plus, she can go all-in for the kill thanks to her ultimate, Alecto: Final Blow.

1. Karrie

3 hero to counter Edith
Credit: Moonton

Karrie is another marksman who fares well against tankier targets. What makes her viable against Edith is her passive, Spinning Light Wheel, which deals true damage.

Phantom Step, her dash skill, only has a three second cooldown at max level. Whenever Karrie goes up against a tank, it becomes an elaborate dance where both heroes have to be on their A-game every second.

She is very nimble, and her damage output at later levels will easily melt Edith even before she initiates a fight.


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