The real reason why Franco is currently disabled on MLBB patch 1.6.42

Franco received a major skill revamp in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s patch 1.6.42, and many players became excited to test out the tank hero in ranked games.

However, Moonton has disabled him for the meantime, and announced that he will be unplayable until further notice.

So what happened to the Frozen Warrior, and why can’t anyone play him right now in patch 1.6.42?

The reason why Franco is disabled at the start of the Mobile Legends patch 1.6.42 implementation

Credits to Ones Esports

Moonton didn’t specify why Franco was disabled temporarily, but players have noticed one glaring bug on his first skill, Iron Hook, and how it interacted with the purple buff.

Based on numerous videos posted online, the purple buff monster will not be able to move if Franco uses Iron Hook right behind the wall where the monster is located.

Usually, monsters will return to its original position once it leaves a certain radius, and will have its health reset. With this bug, the purple buff is unable to move in the back, and will automatically regain its health when attacked, making it very difficult to kill from the early to mid game.

Moonton’s announcement regarding the Franco bug

Credits to Ones Esports

Fortunately, Moonton was quick to assess the problem and immediately banned the hero temporarily.

They have also sent out a mail to all players, explaining the situation for those who are unaware of the bug.

“We expect to fix this issue and make the hero available once again after the next patch update,” they wrote.


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