Vexana and Faramis will finally get a much needed revamp in 2022

Two of the most obscure heroes in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang will finally be getting a breath of fresh air.

Vexana and Faramis, two mage heroes who don’t get much play time in the Land of Dawn, will finally get reworked in 2022.

Moonton’s decision on giving Faramis and Vexana the changes they need in Mobile Legends

Credits to Ones Esports

According to Moonton’s balance adjustment plan for next year, released on YouTube, Moonton decided to revamp the two mage heroes who were underpowered for a long time.

“Yes, we’ve heard your requests and we promise we won’t let you down,’ the game developers said in the video.

Credits to Ones Esports

Moonton also teased artworks for their future in-game models.

Vexana will transform into her human form while Faramis will have a similar look to his original model, with only a few tweaks to his armor and staff.

Moonton’s other plans for other Mobile Legends heroes

Credits to Moonton

Moonton also hinted that marksman Hanabi and another classic tank hero in Mobile Legends will be included in the revamp list.

Based on the silhouette teaser in the video, Akai is the tank they are referring to, who will be reworked this year.

Emblems will also be improved, and will feature more choices to cater to different playstyles.

Expect 2022 to be the year where many more heroes will finally become relevant again in the Land of Dawn!


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