What is the 2 roam meta and why is it so popular in MPL ID and MPL PH?

A new meta is brewing in the Land of Dawn.

The 2 roam meta is here, and it’s changing the way teams play in competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang,

If you have been watching the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season 9 in Indonesia and the Philippines, you may have noticed an emerging meta that’s taking the Land of Dawn by storm.

It doesn’t have an official name yet, but analysts and content creators have been calling it the “2 roam meta”–it involves the midlane and roamer each having their own roam blessings.

It’s simple on paper, but it has been proven very effective in almost all the matches it was utilized. Here is everything you need to know about the emerging meta in the game.

How pro teams are utilizing the 2 roam meta in competitive Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

First off, pro teams will pick heroes in the midlane and for roams that have excellent mobility and early game burst damage.

A popular combo in both regions are Kadita-Johnson. However, other combos such as Selena–Mathilda, Selena-Chou, Mathilda-Chou, and Selena-Diggie are also viable.

The two then roam early on in the game, and get involved in every team fight as much as possible. Then, the hero who reaches level four first will proceed to the midlane, while the other buys his roam blessing of choice.

Once the first player’s roam blessing is active, the other player will then switch to his own roam blessing. There will now be a total of two blessings in the team.

Both heroes can buy roam items at the start, but it will be risky since the activation of the roam blessing will be a lot longer compared to waiting for one to be activated before adding another.

The 2 roam meta is prevalent in the current season because it focuses on winning team fights, especially since the early game is more important than ever after the energy shield rework on outer turrets, which disappears after five minutes.

The addition of an extra blessing is also beneficial, and its effects are noticeable in the late game where the stakes are at its highest.

One good example showing how this meta is being utilized is when ECHO swept Blacklist International, thanks to the team’s stellar use of Kadita and Johnson, each with their own roam blessing.

It’s exciting to see what the future holds for this meta, for it’s currently very effective and will remain so unless nerfs are applied in the next patch.

Source www.oneesports.gg

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