Yu Zhong Best Build

Yu Zhong Best Build /ml yu zhong best build / Yu Zhong Pro Build 

Yu Zhong Black DragonPrice: BP 32,000 |  DIAS 599

Entrance Quotes
I would rather betray the world, than let the world betray me.
Kindness is the surest path to ruination.

ROLE: FighterDurability:
SPECIALTY: Regen | DamageOffense:
Laning Recommendation: EXP LaneSkill Effects:
Release Date: June 19th, 2020Difficulty:

● HP 2698● MANA 0

Hero Feature
A powerful fighter that has 4 different powerful powers that when all have been use, it will deal a large number of damage. This hero can also transform into a black dragon the sweep across the battle field, when the time is finish, it will x2 the damage to all powers.

Yu Zhong Best Build

best build for yu zhong
Credits to Moonton

Trends Gaming Recommended Build Yu Zhong Best Build

ml yu zhong best build
Credits to Trends Gaming

Yu Zhong Pro Build

Yu Zhong Pro Build
Credits to Trends Gaming


There are five skills possessed by Yu Zhong in Mobile Legends, including his passive skill.

1. Dragon Tail

best yu zhong build
Dragon Tail by Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong whirls his cloak to deal with damage to the nearby enemies. This skill has a small delay but is the main source of spell vamp or lifesteal for him. The sharpened Edge deals more damage and benefits more spell vamp. So you need to launch this skill in such a position so that you can deal maximum damage by using the sharp edges.

2. Soul Grip

Yu Zhong with his Soul Grip

Yu Zhong unleashes the Dragon Soul towards the enemies dealing damage and slowing them by 40% for 1s. If this skill hits a target his basic attack enhances and applies more Sha Essence based upon the number of targets it hits. He also gets a little dash after hitting this skill, which will help to either to reach an enemy in distance or retreating from an unfavorable position.

3. Furious Dive

Furious Dive by Yu Zhong

Yu Zhong leaps towards the enemy with his full force and makes a circle on the ground. After a delay enemies present inside the circle are knocked up in the air for 1s and dealing a little amount of damage. This is the main CC skill of him which can finish the whole team in one go if used properly.

4. Ultimate: Black Dragon Form

Yu Zhong the Black Dragon

Yu Zhong transforms into a black dragon form and starts charging for 5.5s. He also gains invincible power and ignores terrain in the duration. Enemy heroes that come in contact with the black dragon will be knocked back slightly. After 5.5s Yu Zhong enters Dragonoid form for 10s once he leaves the Black Dragon form, improving the Cast range of all his skills and increasing his max HP. This is the most overpowered skill which can both used as offensive and defensive purposes. This skill can also change the coarse of a gank giving your team a huge advantage.

5. Passive skill: Cursing Touch

Yu Zhong applies Sha residue to the target when he uses his basic attacks and deals damage. When a target is hit by the Sha Essense markings on him starts to appear which can go up to 5 stacks. After reaching 5, Sha Essence erupts, dealing continuous damage. If Yu Zhong is close to the target, he gains HP regen and Movement Speed. This passive is extremely useful in a gank where you have to fight more than one enemy at the same time.

Best Emblem Set for Yu Zhong

The best emblem set for Yu Zhong is Custom Fighter Emblem which should be set as follows:

Viable Yu Zhong Emblem Set

yu zhong best build and emblem
  • 1st set: Bravery +1 Firmness +1 Shield +1
  • 2nd set: Invasion +2 Persistence +1
  • 3rd set: Festival of Blood for increasing Spell Vamp.

Or you can also go for the Custom Assassin Emblem and set it as follows:
Man Hunter Yu Zhong

yu zhong best build and emblem
  • 1st set: Agility +2 Mastery + 1
  • 2nd set: Invasion+3
  • 3rd set: Bounty Hunter for more gold per kill

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